Have you ever thought of commissioning a composer? (or another creative artist, painter, sculptor, poet or librettist, for that matter?)  

As the initiator (or ‘commissioner’), you become the significant individual, the one endowed with vision, responsible for the birth of a new musical contribution into our cultural era.  By making a commission, you are creating the opportunity for your musicians to work with a living composer, and to have an original composition written especially for your ensemble/organization – which should be a thrilling and rewarding experience.

Of course, to make a commission, money is promised. The cost of a new work will depend on a number of factors: its duration, the forces involved, etc. There are a number of ways in which a commission could be funded:

  • The ensemble or organisation might have an adequate budget.
  • Individual patrons might be found who would happily support a commission.
  • Local businesses may support the commission as a form of public relations and community enrichment.
  • There are specific grants that may be awarded from arts organizations and foundations where the commissioned work is suited to their guidelines.

Why commission me?

On my ‘Scores/Recordings’ page, you will notice the wide range of musical styles. They represent just part of my output, all of which has been performed. You will also notice that much of my music is ‘tonal’ yet rhythmically challenging.

In all my commissions, I produce printed bound scores and instrumental/vocal parts, with appropriate page turns and in a sensible font size.  Sometimes I have offered a digital recording, a realization of the music from the score to assist with rehearsals. 

If possible, I also like to meet the performers so I can take their strengths into account.

You might like the idea of working with an experienced composer with a track record. However, they are likely to cost more than someone less established, and you won’t necessarily end up receiving the kind of musical work that were hoping for.

The principle of ‘customer satisfaction’ should be implicit in any contract.  After all, potentially large sums of money can be involved, and the commissioning body needs to have the confidence in the composer to produce a new work that will fulfil their criteria.

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