to show the diversity of my output

Suite for three unaccompanied cellos, based on movements from those Suites of J. S. Bach
Extract from Suite 3: Gigue

Listen to the above extract derived from the score:

Crystal Eyes (Five movements for Wind Quintet)
performed by the dedicatees

Listen to the whole of this short first movement:

Doom Triptych for trumpet(s) and organ

Listen to the first performance in St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol:

(Note use of hymn books used to weigh down note bar)

She Walks in Beauty (3rd movement)

Listen to this extract of the opening tenor solo:

She Walks in Beauty (7th Movement)
Extract from 7th Movement (Finale, A Dialogue)

Listen to the second half of this ‘Finale’, a musical dialogue between Madam Britannia and Monsieur Europa

Cantata Europa(1992)
Full Orchestra, mixed chorus, soprano and tenor soli 
In 1992, the Maastricht Treaty finally came into effect, formally establishing the European Union. This multi-language culmination formed the peak of the celebratory cantata. (Apologies for the distortion….)
The Five Joys of the Virgin Mary (1981), later version (2012) for mixed voices, nine part brass ensemble, timpani and organ.
5th movement (final section): ‘Assumption’ combining Monteverdi Vespers with earlier fanfares.

Listen to the original 1997 recording for female voices, nine-part brass ensemble and organ:

Awake the Voice for SATB soloists, SATB Choir, Audience and Chamber Orchestra
Extract from the vocal score of ‘The Song of the Angels’, the final movement

Listen to the final section of the work, where the audience, soloists and choir all come together, at last having sung their own music separately:

Awake the Voice (2nd movement) for SATB soloists, and Chamber Orchestra
the final section of ‘Softly the Night is Sleeping’ (2nd movement) for either Soli SATB or Choir

Listen to the above extract:

The Starlight Night for soprano solo, clarinet(s) and percussion

Listen to the opening section, performed by ‘Gemini’:

Watch this short video of the composer explaining how this opening section came about:

Dove sta Amore for Small Orchestra
An early work, re-appraised and transformed into a richly lyrical 6 minute piece for small orchestra.

Listen to this performance by the ‘Ensemble de la Belle Musique’, in Singapore, 2020, taken from the album “Love and Beauty”:

Sweet Spring for SATB ensemble
The opening page of this short partsong/ ‘madrigal’.
Haiku for solo cello
Extract from Severnside Composers Alliance Haiku project (2020-2021)